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Who Is The Ace?

About Me

Being involved in the sports handicapping community for years and years it became apparent that there are certain trends that emerge at different times in ALL sports. Years ago, I decided to analyze, track, and record these trends. Throughout all the years of analyzing these trends I have been able to detect patterns, which in turn helps me to predict outcomes of games. I know how teams play off certain road trips, after certain opponents, in different time zones, after different amounts of rest days—you get the point. There are so many factors when trying to handicap sports that come into play.

I have become an EXPERT in trends and it has paid off. This has worked tremendously for me and I have been able to pinpoint the correct trends to analyze in different situations. 

Watching Michael Jordan play on a daily basis used to be the highlight of my nights. My passion for the sport made want to truly understand how the game was played and how I can benefit from it. Without even trying, I would analyze the games and predict how the Bulls would do in a game based off their previous results. I seemed to nail it every time and my friends starting asking me my opinions on the games. After all my friends starting making some money off that knowledge, I saw the potential to turn this into a business. If I can make money and make others money in the process, how could I turn that down?

After being solo for a while, I was contacted by the President of Prime Time Cappers who convinced me to join the team. Being able to bounce ideas off of the whole team and pool our resources together has only increased my success and the overall success of our clients.

Take a look at our results, and join us.